The Problem With ‘Frozen’ Heading To Epcot


A year ago, unless you were in the know, Frozen was Disney’s new animated movie that appeared to be about a talking snowman with a carrot nose that kept falling off. Today, it’s one of Disney’s highest-grossing films ever made, an Oscar winner, and an all-around phenomenon. Since its massive success last holiday season, Disney has logically attempted to capitalize on the worldwide public’s seemingly unending love of all things Frozen and/or warm hugs on TV, with a recent hourlong “making-of” special that chose to answer how the film was made, unlike the jokey special feature on the initial Blu-ray; at repertory-style sing-along screenings, where you, your friends, and complete strangers sing “Let It Go” to the rafters with Idina “Adele Dazeem” Menzel; at the Disney Store; and, of course, at the theme parks, with parades, meet-and-greets and the like at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. [Read more...]

World’s First ‘Frozen’ Ride To Debut At Epcot In Walt Disney World

"FROZEN" Elsa's ice palace. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

It was only a matter of time. Frozen, one of Disney Animation’s most popular films ever, has had a growing presence across various Disney Parks. There are meet-and-greets with Anna and Elsa (which are often accompanied by huge lines), floats inspired by the film have made their way into daily parades, and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is currently in the midst of presenting a variety of Frozen-themed entertainment, capped off by a fireworks display set to music from the film. The biggest addition is still to come, at neighboring Epcot, where the world’s first Frozen ride will make its debut! [Read more...]

New ‘Frozen’ Short ‘Frozen Fever’ Debuts In 2015

Frozen - Anna and Elsa Hug

There have been many questions as to what Disney Animation would do with the Frozen property following the sensation that the film has become. From merchandise, to character meet and greets at Disney Parks, to even a Disney on Ice show centered around the Frozen characters and music, the popularity only seems to be soaring higher these days. Today, Disney announced that Frozen will return in a brand new short, debuting next year! Find more details after the break. [Read more...]

First Look At Winston The Dog From Disney’s Upcoming Short ‘Feast’

Feast - Winston 1

Disney’s shorts program is enjoying a resurgence in recent years, highlighted by Paperman, which won an Academy Award for Walt Disney Animation Studios. After John Lasseter took over as Chief Creative Officer of the Disney studio in 2007, he encouraged the creative talent there to produce short films to go along with their features, much like its sister studio Pixar. The next short, which has been playing at festivals around the world before it premieres alongside the feature film Big Hero 6, is Feast. Take a look at the dog, whose eyes we will see the story through, after the break! [Read more...]

Preview: Disney Princess Toys Coming Soon

Disney Princess Line

There are plenty of products featuring Frozen, Marvel, and Star Wars characters on the way, mostly because their fanbases are growing by the day, increasing the demand for toys and merchandise inspired by the properties. However, Disney became successful through its classic animated films, and the characters from those projects remain as popular as ever. Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Cinderella are only a selection of the characters you will see in stores in the next few months. Get a preview of upcoming products featuring them and others after the break! [Read more...]

Disney To Air ‘Aladdin’ On TV To Celebrate Robin Williams

Aladdin - Genie Posing

The world lost one of its greatest comedians earlier this week when Robin Williams died at the age of 63 on Monday. Many of us have fond memories of the talented actor, but given his wide collection of work, we each may identify with different roles that he played. Since the tragic news of Williams’ death stunned people around the globe, fans have been wanting to re-watch Aladdin, but the film was never available on Blu-ray in North America and is currently locked away in Disney’s “vault,” meaning you can’t go out and purchase the film. As a way to appease the fans and celebrate Williams’ legacy, Disney has announced that the film will play several times across its networks this weekend! [Read more...]